Blogs are not ghosts: how to start one without the fear

I have always wanted to create a blog but never did, until today. I had so many different things I wanted to write about, but then I got distracted with work, hobbies, more work, and life. After all, who has time to read it? WRONG. If you are passionate about it, if you add a value to other people’s lives, interests, curiosity or experiences, you can potentially attract a lot of readers.

But I will be honest. This blog started as a school assignment for my Digital Marketing class. I guess that was the ignition or action I needed. But I must admit, it feels good. So good. Yes, I was a bit nervous to actually open a blog and being evaluated for it. But no, this isn’t as scary as some people might think.

I believe blogs aren’t like ghosts. First, because they should not scare you. Second and more importantly, because they should be done in such a passionate way that they should attract readers instead of being lone and desolate.

So here’s my list of 10 simple tips for starting a blog:

1. Pick a topic that you like

In my case, I will talk about Digital Marketing, which is both the class I’m taking right now, and the concentration I want to take for my Master’s Degree. The good thing is, I am a passionate person, and I am eager to experience and learn as much as I can about this topic.

2. Choose your platform

I wanted something customizable and something that could allow me to easily keep and share the blog even after the class is finished. My goal is to transform an assignment into a good habit. There are plenty of recommended platforms, such as: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Squarespace, among others. It’s a matter of trying and choosing the one you feel more comfortable with.

3. Choose a theme

For me, less is more. I’m minimalistic in that way, but depending on your taste, personality and blog topic, you can play around and choose from a variety of themes.

4. Upload a picture

Yes, a picture of you. In a world of “selfies”, a picture must not be nerve-wracking, plus, it makes your readers connect with you.

5. Don’t forget the “About” part

Tell something interesting about yourself. Again, you want to show people who you are, what you like, and give them something they can connect with. It’s always nice to know who’s behind the computer.

6. Type from your inner you

You don’t need to write like a Pulitzer-winner writer, because most likely you are not one. So just sit and enjoy it. Be concise. Be simple. Be yourself.

7. Put some background music

Music is like magic. Put some music that you really like to get inspired. Trust me, I’m doing it right now and I had no clue of how to start a blog until a couple of days ago.

8. Review other blogs to get ideas

Follow blogs that talk about things you are truly interested in. They will open your mind to fresh ideas.

9. Ask for feedback

If this is your first time blogging (like me) it’s always good to ask for a second opinion. But please, DO NOT forget to always trust your gut and go with what you really want to do.

10. Be passionate

Yes, I am a “Latina” and we are known for being passionate people. But more than a culture, anything you do with passion will show, and will capture other people’s attention. So love everything you do!

I hope this was helpful and hope you will come back soon to see my evolution as a blogger : )


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