The Power of Fascination

How do you introduce yourself to the person you would like to date? And to business people? And how about to the world?

We now only have a 9 seconds attention spam. That’s the same as a goldfish. Humans used to have 20 minutes of attention spam in the last century. And now, before you can even count to 10 people will already be thinking or doing something else rather than paying attention to you. It’s like we live in a world that suffers from a severe ADD mixed with amnesia. Either everyone is too distracted or they do not have the ability to remember you. Isn’t that a bit scary?

For our good luck, branding specialist Sally Hogshead has developed an easy way to understand your fascination skills and put them into action. The best seller author has developed a Fascination Advantage test that allows you to answer just a few questions and analyze which are those areas from your personality that influence people.

My cousins fascinated by my phone

My little cousins fascinated by a selfie

I recently took the test and discovered my personality archetype. According to my results, I am a “Maestro”. This means that power is my first fascination skill and prestige is the second. Honestly, I thought    passion would be part of the results, as I am a very passionate person. But I was very impressed by the description because it is definitely me. Besides, passion was very close in the results, too, which mesmerized me by how accurate the test is.

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The “power” part allows me to be a confident leader and a goal oriented person. This is not particularly related to how you see yourself but to how the world actually sees you. It’s not about being someone else but about learning how to embrace yourself and take advantage of who you are. This works not only in a personal level but also in the professional one. The “prestige” makes me detail-oriented and care for the quality of my work. I like things well done and will work my best to do so.

The results not only offer you the personality archetype you have but also gives advice about how to make these skills to really work to your advantage and cautivate others. It’s all about making you a good leader and influencer.

I would really recommend to everyone that wishes to know itself better to take this test. It is not only accurate but an amazing tool to beat those 9 seconds and make people not only remember you but also listen to what you have to say. You can become an influencer by understanding your personality archetype and putting into action all the tips offered.

Do you want to find out what are your fascination skills? Take a look at Fascination Advantage Assesment and let me know about your results!


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