The Mobile Real Estate: why should I download your app?

How much time do you spend daily on your mobile? And what about on mobile apps?

The average adult spends almost three hours a day on their phones, from which 86% of that time is spent on apps. This proves that mobiles are now like a closet full of apps. But just like any New Yorker’s closet, there is only a certain amount of space you have. Hence, you only keep what you really use or like. Users are savvy and they will not download your app unless it is valuable, easy to navigate, fast, beautifully designed and engages them with the brand.

appstimespentWhy should I download an app? After all, it is taking space from my mobile’s memory so it should be worth it or else I’ll just delete it and keep space for more valuable things. I will use Nespresso to give an example. Even though coffee and technology haven’t always been a great match, this brand managed to merge them and offer a great user experience.

The Nespresso Mobile App 

As you can see on the video, the app gives you the option of buying Nespresso coffee, which even offers a same day delivery making it very convenient. It also allows you to recycle their capsules by searching the nearest recycling point, making them an environmentally responsible brand which nowadays is a must. In fact, this recycling idea in their app is part of their sustainability strategy to 2020 in which they plan to expand their capacity to collect used aluminum capsules to 100%. Integrating what the brand is actually doing with their app in a smart way is a great way of engaging users.

An app should be as practical as possible. The Nespresso app is available in English and Spanish, and it can be downloaded through Google Play and App Store. It works perfectly fine in any screen no matter if it’s opened on a mobile or tablet. It downloads fast and as soon as you open it for the first time it is very easy to navigate. It also allows the user to locate the nearest Nespresso Boutiques and retailers.

screen322x572        screen322x572-1        screen322x572-2

Humans are very visual and so should be apps. Nespresso managed to design an appealing app with an elegant touch featuring a wood-like dark background which matches with the coffee theme. It is a delightful aesthetic that appeals to the eye of any coffee drinker.


This is a great app that serves a purpose. It not only contains all the things mentioned above, but it also has a News section that is constantly being updated. It allows users to engage with the brand in a relevant and pertinent way.

Do you have an app that you love? Let me know about it! Leave a comment about why you like that app.


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