Take a look at Apple’s Top Secret (until now) Health Research Lab

After Apple revealed the Apple Watch last September, there’s been a lot of opinions around how successful this new gadget will be and if the company will disrupt again, or not, the tech industry.

What nobody knew is that the company has been doing an extensive health research with their employees for the past two years. It was such a confidential information that employees that wanted to be a part of it volunteered for a secret Apple project without the knowledge that it was part of the Apple Watch Health Research.

Inside a warehouse in New York the company developed a fitness lab. From specific workouts to temperature controlled chambers, the research has helped Apple gather valuable pieces of data to improve their new product and offer one of its most desirable features: “HealthKit”. This framework can monitor your heart rate, calories burned, cholesterol, among other data that can even let you know when you should stand up after being seated for many hours.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC News

Volunteers were asked to wear special masks to monitor their breathing and calories burned. They also used concealed Apple Watches while working out, doing yoga, running, rowing, among other fitness activities.

Source: ABS News

Source: ABC News

Dr. Michael McConnell, a professor in cardiovascular medicine at Stanford Medicine said Apple’s new health efforts will be a game changer in cardiovascular technology.

Although all of these look great, one of the main concerns today are related to privacy. So how secure your information will really be? Apple’s Director of Fitness & Health Technologies, Jay Blahnik, answered this question:

“The data from the watch is stored on the phone and we don’t have access to that information (…) all the activity data that comes from the watch will end up in the phone”. Basically, if you own this smart watch you get to decide with which third party you want to share that data with, so the power of sharing your information is in your hands.

The Apple Watch will be in stores next month.There might not be an easy win with this new gadget since many other tech companies are adding up some tough competition. Even non-tech companies like famous Swiss watchmakers are broadening the options for consumers. It will be a matter of short time until we can see what the future will bring to Apple with their new smart watch.

Do you think the Apple Watch will be a hit or a miss? Share your thoughts below!


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