Brand Wars: how to win the consumer’s attention

You go to the grocery store and there are thousands of different brands. You plan your vacation trip and there are tons of hotels waiting for you to choose. People need to face so many options nowadays that it can get overwhelming. But with so many options, how can brands stay relevant, win your attention, and ultimately, your loyalty? And more importantly, how can brands stand out from the crowd with all the noise?

Photograph: H Armstrong Roberts/Corbis H. Armstrong Roberts/© H. Armstrong Roberts/CORBIS

Photograph: H Armstrong Roberts/Corbis H. Armstrong Roberts/© H. Armstrong Roberts/CORBIS

Some might say that the way to go is having information and content everywhere and all the time. But I don’t agree. It has to be well thought. Your content needs to be relevant to your audience. In order to achieve this, the first thing is to know well who your target audience is.

Brand loyalty is not dead. It is true that consumers are now much more savvy and empowered, and they also have plenty of options to choose from. Discounts will always drive a lot of attention, but it’s not all about that. They need to be taken care of.

Outstanding customer service is not an option anymore. A bad online review can really hurt sales, and even worse your brand’s reputation, so you better treat right your customer. In fact, 70% of consumers read online reviews before making purchase decisions. And this is not surprising, because who would you trust more: a company’s Facebook page, or your best friend? Consumers are some sort of community that trust themselves, sometimes more than they trust brands. From their perspective, a brand has a financial interest to sell, therefore they could manipulate the information.

Building a relationship with your consumer is important. But less sometimes means more. Marketers need to understand that it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. We live in a busy world and most of us have hectic lifestyles. No one has time for daily emails from all of their favorite brands. The content they publish on social media needs to add some value to their audience. If not, it’s dead content and instead of driving attention to a specific brand it will do the opposite: consumers will try to avoid it by unfollowing their account or unsubscribing from their email list, and even worse complain about it with family and friends, hurting the word of mouth process.

Some studies suggest that the easier a brand makes the purchase decision journey the better it is for consumers. I like simplicity. But at the same time, it all depends on your product, service or brand. It’s not healthy to bomb consumers with information. It will only get them confused. But no extreme is good. There needs to be a well thought and balanced process.

Source: ZMOT

Source: ZMOT

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth is now more important than ever. The consumer decision journey doesn’t start at an aisle anymore, but on search engines. Combining great SEO strategies with up to date, engaging and relevant content on each social media platform is the way to go.


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