The Mobile Real Estate: why should I download your app?

How much time do you spend daily on your mobile? And what about on mobile apps?

The average adult spends almost three hours a day on their phones, from which 86% of that time is spent on apps. This proves that mobiles are now like a closet full of apps. But just like any New Yorker’s closet, there is only a certain amount of space you have. Hence, you only keep what you really use or like. Users are savvy and they will not download your app unless it is valuable, easy to navigate, fast, beautifully designed and engages them with the brand.

appstimespentWhy should I download an app? After all, it is taking space from my mobile’s memory so it should be worth it or else I’ll just delete it and keep space for more valuable things. I will use Nespresso to give an example. Even though coffee and technology haven’t always been a great match, this brand managed to merge them and offer a great user experience.

The Nespresso Mobile App 

As you can see on the video, the app gives you the option of buying Nespresso coffee, which even offers a same day delivery making it very convenient. It also allows you to recycle their capsules by searching the nearest recycling point, making them an environmentally responsible brand which nowadays is a must. In fact, this recycling idea in their app is part of their sustainability strategy to 2020 in which they plan to expand their capacity to collect used aluminum capsules to 100%. Integrating what the brand is actually doing with their app in a smart way is a great way of engaging users.

An app should be as practical as possible. The Nespresso app is available in English and Spanish, and it can be downloaded through Google Play and App Store. It works perfectly fine in any screen no matter if it’s opened on a mobile or tablet. It downloads fast and as soon as you open it for the first time it is very easy to navigate. It also allows the user to locate the nearest Nespresso Boutiques and retailers.

screen322x572        screen322x572-1        screen322x572-2

Humans are very visual and so should be apps. Nespresso managed to design an appealing app with an elegant touch featuring a wood-like dark background which matches with the coffee theme. It is a delightful aesthetic that appeals to the eye of any coffee drinker.


This is a great app that serves a purpose. It not only contains all the things mentioned above, but it also has a News section that is constantly being updated. It allows users to engage with the brand in a relevant and pertinent way.

Do you have an app that you love? Let me know about it! Leave a comment about why you like that app.


The Bean NYC: how coffee meets digital in a simplistic way

It used to be imperative to be on the Internet. Those days are over. If you’re not in the digital world, you don’t exist. Simple. But now the game it’s even more challenging. Not only you have to be present on every possible platform (that makes sense to your business), but also offer a great user experience that will attract and engage your customers.

Some people might think that in order to deliver a great UX you need all the budget in the world. Yes, Starbucks has being doing a great job on that area, but today I will show that budget shouldn’t be an excuse. It might be more simple than some people think, and there lies the magic of it.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity”. – Charles Mingus

After trying for the first time The Bean, both in person and digitally, I wrote my observations from their UX that you can find below…

First sip of The Bean coffee

First sip of The Bean coffee

User experience in a nutshell bean:

(using The Bean Coffee & Tea as the example)

1. Understand your audience: The Bean has a local audience. They cater to local coffee drinkers that want a third space: the businessmen that want a nice place to work, the young, the hip or the student that wants a sweet spot to read, or the people that simply want to catch up with a friend. As a brand, they value independent thinkers who appreciate culture, creativity, intelligence and wit. As a coffee shop, they excel to serve this market and their digital presence is the perfect reflection of this urban type of person and how the brand reflects their personality.


2. Make it simple: don’t overthink. Users want simplicity. You need to offer a digital experience that is intuitive and that has a structure that makes logical sense. Hence, The Bean‘s website has the basic things a coffee shop needs on their website: hours, & locations, newsletter, social media links, contact and gallery.

3. Responsive Web Design: their digital platforms respond to any screen or device without problem, which is a must. If you want to learn more about statistics and how imperative RWD is, I would suggest you to read here.

Image Source:

Image Source:

4. The UX should be married to the physical experience: the look and feel of The Bean coffee shop can be seen throughout their digital presence. Their urban, artsy and creative look defines both their shops and online world.

5. Aesthetics: their creative design and aesthetics promotes individuality, both in form and function. It is attractive and their design is in tune with their coffee culture.

Image Source:

Image Source:

6. Keep your primary call to action in a relevant space: The Bean wants to keep connected with their users so the first think they ask is for their emails. It all depends on your business, but always know to prioritize what you want your users to do and guide them to do so.

7. Social Media: it’s a MUST to have links to your social media platforms in your website, which The Bean does. The idea is to engage your users and allow them to know more about who you are. The Bean is present in every major (and relevant for their business) social media platform: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and they even appear organically on Yelp with over 200 reviews! Not only they are present, but they differentiate their content on each platform. For instance, they have nice artsy pictures on Instagram, short information about what they are currently doing on Twitter, and inspirational pins on Pinterest. This is a key because no one wants to feel that your brand doesn’t care enough for their customers and take time to make relevant content for them and publish it in the right platform.

BONUS: it’s always good to offer value to your customers. It could be through a blog that offers great content, or through an app that makes your life easier or better in any way. In the case of The Bean, even though they don’t have an app, they have a blog, plus a delivery system without extra cost. Cheers to great coffee that goes straight to your door!

The Power of Fascination

How do you introduce yourself to the person you would like to date? And to business people? And how about to the world?

We now only have a 9 seconds attention spam. That’s the same as a goldfish. Humans used to have 20 minutes of attention spam in the last century. And now, before you can even count to 10 people will already be thinking or doing something else rather than paying attention to you. It’s like we live in a world that suffers from a severe ADD mixed with amnesia. Either everyone is too distracted or they do not have the ability to remember you. Isn’t that a bit scary?

For our good luck, branding specialist Sally Hogshead has developed an easy way to understand your fascination skills and put them into action. The best seller author has developed a Fascination Advantage test that allows you to answer just a few questions and analyze which are those areas from your personality that influence people.

My cousins fascinated by my phone

My little cousins fascinated by a selfie

I recently took the test and discovered my personality archetype. According to my results, I am a “Maestro”. This means that power is my first fascination skill and prestige is the second. Honestly, I thought    passion would be part of the results, as I am a very passionate person. But I was very impressed by the description because it is definitely me. Besides, passion was very close in the results, too, which mesmerized me by how accurate the test is.

Image credit:

Image credit:

The “power” part allows me to be a confident leader and a goal oriented person. This is not particularly related to how you see yourself but to how the world actually sees you. It’s not about being someone else but about learning how to embrace yourself and take advantage of who you are. This works not only in a personal level but also in the professional one. The “prestige” makes me detail-oriented and care for the quality of my work. I like things well done and will work my best to do so.

The results not only offer you the personality archetype you have but also gives advice about how to make these skills to really work to your advantage and cautivate others. It’s all about making you a good leader and influencer.

I would really recommend to everyone that wishes to know itself better to take this test. It is not only accurate but an amazing tool to beat those 9 seconds and make people not only remember you but also listen to what you have to say. You can become an influencer by understanding your personality archetype and putting into action all the tips offered.

Do you want to find out what are your fascination skills? Take a look at Fascination Advantage Assesment and let me know about your results!

The search behind a foreign love: Google’s first Super Bowl commercial

Even though it’s not common for Google to appear on TV, in 2010 they created a one-minute video with a powerful meaning. With over a million views on YouTube they decided to make a debut on the Super Bowl. Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) explained further the original idea in the company’s Official Blog:  “Our goal was simply to create a series of short online videos about our products and our users, and how they interact. But we liked this video so much, and it’s had such a positive reaction on YouTube, that we decided to share it with a wider audience”.

Parisian love” portrays a romantic story between an American guy and a French girl through Google searches.The commercial only shows a search window and the several questions the guy typed before and after they met.

Google Search Anatomy of a foreign love:

1. Studying in a different country: the “Parisian Love” commercial starts with a simple “study abroad paris“, followed by “cafes near the louve” (to which Google corrects the misspelled word to “Louvre“). I believe that typing this word incorrectly was a genius thing to do. It shows how this search engine is much more than just that. How many times haven’t we typed a word on Google just to check the spelling of it? (I do it constantly, since my first language is Spanish and I have a pet peeve with misspelled words, no matter the language).

2. The flirting phase: next, the guy searches for a translation followed by “impress a french girl“. Google now becomes the friend that teases you when you have a crush, but ends up giving you a few tips.

3. The action plan: “chocolate shops paris france“, “what are truffles“, and “who is truffaut” show part of the dating phase.

4. The real action: the American guy and the French girl end up in a relationship. In this part we can see how Google now besides a friend, is also seen as a therapist that gives guidance when he searches for “long distance relationship advice“. Personally, I believe that this type of relationship is only successful when there is something to look up to together, which is what happened. He searches for “jobs in paris” and checks his “AA120” flight status.

5. The happily ever after: the guy moves to France and they search for “churches in paris“, meaning they got married. The ad finalizes with “how to assemble a crib” and the laugh of a baby, ending with the words “SEARCH ON”

This commercial was not made by an external agency. Instead, Google made an in-house project and recruited five talented students (from around 400 applications) that were in ad and design schools.

The ad is simple but shows the different ways in which we can use Google. For instance, by the time the video was released not many people knew they could type their flight number and Google will give them the flight status. Another nice feature of the video is that with every search there is a sound effect that helps our imaginations elaborate this love tale.

The company took a relatively safe risk by entering the Super Bowl commercial world to reach a larger audience. For many years they’ve refused to advertise themselves on TV but this allowed them to stand out from the crowd precisely because they usually do not do commercials and took everyone by surprise. Overall, it’s a short video that captures our attention through well done storytelling. It also teaches us about some features this search engine has. More importantly, it shows how Google is a big part of our daily lives, something that nowadays no one can deny.

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Blogs are not ghosts: how to start one without the fear

I have always wanted to create a blog but never did, until today. I had so many different things I wanted to write about, but then I got distracted with work, hobbies, more work, and life. After all, who has time to read it? WRONG. If you are passionate about it, if you add a value to other people’s lives, interests, curiosity or experiences, you can potentially attract a lot of readers.

But I will be honest. This blog started as a school assignment for my Digital Marketing class. I guess that was the ignition or action I needed. But I must admit, it feels good. So good. Yes, I was a bit nervous to actually open a blog and being evaluated for it. But no, this isn’t as scary as some people might think.

I believe blogs aren’t like ghosts. First, because they should not scare you. Second and more importantly, because they should be done in such a passionate way that they should attract readers instead of being lone and desolate.

So here’s my list of 10 simple tips for starting a blog:

1. Pick a topic that you like

In my case, I will talk about Digital Marketing, which is both the class I’m taking right now, and the concentration I want to take for my Master’s Degree. The good thing is, I am a passionate person, and I am eager to experience and learn as much as I can about this topic.

2. Choose your platform

I wanted something customizable and something that could allow me to easily keep and share the blog even after the class is finished. My goal is to transform an assignment into a good habit. There are plenty of recommended platforms, such as: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Squarespace, among others. It’s a matter of trying and choosing the one you feel more comfortable with.

3. Choose a theme

For me, less is more. I’m minimalistic in that way, but depending on your taste, personality and blog topic, you can play around and choose from a variety of themes.

4. Upload a picture

Yes, a picture of you. In a world of “selfies”, a picture must not be nerve-wracking, plus, it makes your readers connect with you.

5. Don’t forget the “About” part

Tell something interesting about yourself. Again, you want to show people who you are, what you like, and give them something they can connect with. It’s always nice to know who’s behind the computer.

6. Type from your inner you

You don’t need to write like a Pulitzer-winner writer, because most likely you are not one. So just sit and enjoy it. Be concise. Be simple. Be yourself.

7. Put some background music

Music is like magic. Put some music that you really like to get inspired. Trust me, I’m doing it right now and I had no clue of how to start a blog until a couple of days ago.

8. Review other blogs to get ideas

Follow blogs that talk about things you are truly interested in. They will open your mind to fresh ideas.

9. Ask for feedback

If this is your first time blogging (like me) it’s always good to ask for a second opinion. But please, DO NOT forget to always trust your gut and go with what you really want to do.

10. Be passionate

Yes, I am a “Latina” and we are known for being passionate people. But more than a culture, anything you do with passion will show, and will capture other people’s attention. So love everything you do!

I hope this was helpful and hope you will come back soon to see my evolution as a blogger : )

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